Legal support of NGOs

Today civil society is impossible without the existence of a broad network of various associations of citizens with various aspects of activity, but without a profit-making intention: public organizations, charitable foundations, self-regulatory organizations, professional associations, community projects, etc. Current legislation in the sphere of NGOs activity is changing dynamically, in which connection our firm offers legal support for continuous activity of your organization, namely:

  • - advising on selecting the best type when creating a non-profit organization
  • legal support during registration, forming an appropriate package of registration documents, drafting of constituent documents
  • support with the State registration in accordance with the legal acts that regulate the activity of a newly formed organization
  • representation of a client in the State Fiscal Service with the purpose of entering of a non-profit enterprise, institution and organization in the register of non-profit institutions and organizations
  • legal support in the activities of the organization, formalization of labor, administrative and economic relations
  • development of draft agreements in the activities of NGOs/li>
  • legal advice in case of collaboration with counteragents and projects of technical assistance
  • formalization and registration of current changes in the organization activities
  • preparation of documents for the purpose of appealing to the regulatory agencies on different problems