Legal support of agribusiness

Agricultural sector is the leader in Ukraine in terms of profitability and investment attractiveness. ACS is regulated by a large number of regulations that create a barrier for agribusiness at each stage of activities. Agricultural enterprises, farmers, agricultural producers do not always have the opportunity to obtain necessary consultations on their burning issues from public authorities, prepare the documents required in their administrative activity, formalize contractual relationships with contractors, including sales of their products.

In this connection, our firm provides legal support and services in the following areas:

  • consulting on the best choice of the legal form of activity of the agribusiness subject
  • legal support during formation of an organization and preparation of an appropriate package of registration documents, drafting of constituent documents
  • preparation and provision of advice and explanations on legal issues with features pertaining to the agricultural business;
  • development of legal justification (position) in matters in controversy
  • legal support in contractual legal relations (with government, non-governmental organizations, enterprises, institutions, regardless of their form of ownership, subordination, industry affiliation)
  • legal audit of corporate, internal, administrative documents of acting agricultural enterprises for conformity with civil, labor, and economic legislation
  • analysis of concluded agreements in the sphere of land relations, including land and land share rent, sublease for compliance with the new requirements of land legislation
  • formation of responses to the requests of regulatory authorities in compliance with the requirements of current legislation of Ukraine, drafting letters, requests, statements
  • compilation of procedural documents during court proceedings