Cooperation with foreign NGOs

Legal status and business environment of foreign non-governmental organizations in the territory of Ukraine is defined and implemented in accordance with national legislation and international agreements of Ukraine, consent to be bound by which was given by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

Non-profit international organizations legalize their presence in the territory of Ukraine by means of accreditation of their detached subdivision as a representative office or branch. Spheres of activity of accredited foreign NGOs in Ukraine cover quite a wide range. But in many cases and in connection with legislative gaps, they face many challenges in their activities.

Our company provides necessary legal support with the aim to harmonize the ways for implementing the activities of the international NGOs, international technical assistance projects, humanitarian projects with internal legislation of Ukraine.

The experience of our company allows us to offer the following services in the work of the accredited international NGOs:

  • development of provisions for effective and targeted activities in the territory of Ukraine;
  • drafting of employment contracts and selection of positions with development of position duties depending on the specifics of the activity in the territory of Ukraine;
  • legal expertise of powers of attorney and legal support of work of expats in the territory of Ukraine;
  • consulting assistance, provision of verbal, written legal opinions and legal advice;
  • search and provision of legal documents on the problematic issues in the field of civil, commercial, corporate, employment, tax, land relations, international law, in accordance with national legislation of Ukraine;
  • legal services in contractual relations: development, analysis, amendment of civil and commercial contracts, foreign economic contracts;
  • preparation of letters, statements, proposals, legal analysis and development of internal corporate documents;
  • litigation, representation of client's interests in court, preparation of procedural documents
  • legal audit of the situation and search for solutions.