The Academy of Management and Consulting promotes professional and career growth of its participants through unique programs, professionalism of trainers and practical experience of speakers.

Unique programmes help to structure the existing experience, give new modern knowledge and skills in achieving business objectives and strategic goals for each type of enterprise.

Highly professional team of practicing coaches inspires participants, helps to reveal talents of each of them. On completing our courses you will become a source of bright ideas and get more expertise to solve you current issues.

Participants of our programmes are interesting people and useful contacts.

High quality of service and respect to the client create a unique atmosphere in our office.

We believe that all our graduates contribute to the prosperity of the Ukrainian business.

We are glad to offer you:

  • Certification programmes
  • Program on IFRS
  • Seminars and workshops
  • Management accounting programmes

In our firm you can order a specialized corporate training tailored to the specifics of your business and personnel. We will develop and hold a corporate training or a one-day workshop within the best time period and dates offered by you.

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