Consulting programs for NGOs

Our company cooperates with projects of technical assistance as a consultant on organizational development for non-profit organizations. We are pleased to offer you the following services:

1. Analysis and assessment of organizational development of an NGO

Many factors influence the work of a non-profit organization, such as economic, political and social.

In addition, poor administration system and organisation management at some stage of the organization's life-cycle can result into poor performance of the organisation.

What does assessment of organizational development involve?

It is a structured process to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the activities of a non-profit organisation to achieve goals and provide quality services.

Building up its organizational and project capacity.

The complex of these services includes:

  • assessment of the organisation's performance, analysis of existing structures, resources and opportunities;
  • analysis of the internal systems of the organisation's activity;
  • analysis of internal policies and procedures of the internal control;
  • setting the development priorities with the formation of the plan for organizational development.

2. Preparing the organization for the international audit

This type of services involves providing the organizations of the non-profit sector with independent and objective guarantees and consulting services aimed to improve their capacity. It helps an organisation to achieve its goals using a competent approach to the evaluation of accounting systems, financial management, improving risk management processes, improving the systems of internal control.

The complex of these services includes:

  • analysis of statutory documents;
  • testing of accounting, internal control and risk management systems;
  • testing of established policies and procedures in the organisation;
  • testing of management accounting and financial management;
  • testing information systems.

The result of these services is the advisory opinion in the form of a report as to improvement of systems of the internal document flow and financial management.

3. Setting and implementing budgeting systems

The process of management of non-profit organizations requires that the organisation's management receives timely trustworthy financial information which is necessary to make optimal decisions.

Formation of the procedure for provision of such information and its analysis are the main tasks of budgeting process.

Implementation of budgeting system in each developing organization is determined by the need to improve the systems of financial management of the organization.

A well-organized internal budgeting system must provide necessary information for the employees of the financial service, administrative staff, managers and other personnel involved in the budgeting process.

It also aims to implement systematization and structuring of income and expenses for each non-profit organization, improve the work of the whole project and administrative staff.

The budgeting procedures are developed taking into account all internal standards of the organization and international practices.

4. Advisory assistance in the development, analysis and improvement of existing internal policies and procedures.

This type of services provides for assistance in improving, formation and implementation of the following policies and procedures:

  • Strategic planning;
  • Organizational development;
  • Work flow planning;
  • Personnel management;
  • Project management;
  • Organization's property management;
  • Procedures for procurement and tenders;
  • Procedures for business trips;
  • Financial procedures and systems of financial management;
  • Accounting and tax accounting;
  • Internal control and risk management.
  • Information systems.

Attention: for payment you can use the voucher (grant), which is provided by the UNITER programme on support of organizational capacity of NGOs.

For additional information and the procedure to obtain the voucher, please go here

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