Consultation on the EU project management

Our company provides consulting services on project management for organizations that implement projects funded with the participation of the European Union, USAID and other international donor organizations at any stage of their operation. Such consulting services may include:

1. Consultation on the stage of preparation of requests for funding.

At this stage it is important to carefully consider which work will be performed, which resources will be involved in the project and which financial budgets must be developed in accordance with planned work and resources. At this stage we also review the procedure for cooperation with partners, co-donors and subgarantors. We develop the procedure for the organization to make its own contribution.

2. Consultation on preparation and development of the budgeting system for the project.

At this stage it is important to correctly develop both planned, and actual budget process. This includes the development of the internal policy of financial control and monitoring of the budget. The procedure for the approval of financial statements, the list of source documents. The procedure for formation of personal contribution. The rules for filing financial reports by partners and subgarantors.

3. Consultation on management of the working processes of the project.

At this point, the project team is formed, functional responsibilities of each participant of the project are reviewed, as well as areas of responsibility. The system of internal control for project activities is developed, as well as the systems for monitoring and evaluation of project results.

4. Consultation on the initial documents flow, financial reporting and accounting.

At this point a rational primary document flow is developed taking into account the requirements of international donor organizations, areas of responsibility and persons responsible for the receipt of the original documents by the organization for each stage of the project are defined. Internal rules and policy for financial reporting, including those of subgarantors and partners of the project, are formed. The rules of accounting of project activities are developed.

5. Our firm also performs the audit of expenditures received on the project implementation and the rules of their target use.