Services on IFRS

Conversion of the reporting system involves transformation of the Ukrainian accounting system in accordance with generally accepted international standards. The need for transformation of the reporting appears due to the integration of domestic companies into the global economy, and the interaction of the Ukrainian market of companies with foreign capital. Organizations require transformation of financial statements if:

  • they transfer to the international financial reporting standards (IFRS);
  • they need to pass the international audit;
  • they want to attract foreign investment.

Our company works both with the companies which have already transferred to IFRS, and with those that are only considering this option. Our services include:

  • transformation of financial statements of Ukrainian organizations in accordance with IFRS;
  • audit of financial statements according to IFRS;
  • work on the transition to the international accounting standards;
  • consolidated financial statements for a group of organizations;
  • advice on the practical application of IFRS;
  • training on the reporting system transformation for the staff.

In order to prepare reports under the international standards and to increase their reliability, we recommend you to find out the fair value of:

  • fixed assets;
  • biological assets;
  • financial assets and liabilities, etc.

Our professional appraisers will do this work for you.