Human resource audit

HR audit is an analysis and assessment of staffing solutions of a company/organization and employment relationships and their agreement with the tax legislation of Ukraine.

HR audit is required by our clients to minimize risks and financial losses that may arise during checks performed by regulatory authorities concerning provisions on maintenance of personnel records, provisions of labor or tax legislation.

HR audit is an inspection, which may include:

1. Examination of the legal rules of cooperation with personnel:

  • Personnel records
  • Employment agreements
  • Correctness of the execution of primary labour documentation
  • Job descriptions
  • Schedules of positions and salaries, etc.

2. Analysis of current internal policies and procedures for:

  • Personnel policy
  • Privacy policy
  • Conflict of interest policy
  • Anti-corruption policy
  • Regulations on official business trips, etc.

3. Inspection of the correctness of taxes and payments assessment in case of cooperation with individuals.

    According to the HR audit results, we will provide you the following documents:

  • A report on identified irregularities in HR recordkeeping and labour legislation.
  • A report on the facts of violations of tax legislation.
  • Recommendations for the deficiencies elimination